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I work as a consultant and a researcher with various organizations and companies on a regular basis. Here is a sample of my work.
Interested in connecting? Please email me!

Here are the results of my latest work for UNDP iVerify:


A recent post-project evaluation report completed for the United Nations Democracy Fund: “Teenagers transforming communities in Ukraine through civic education”

Ukraine local governance project whole-of-project evaluation: Final report

WOPE evaluation report

Performance evaluation of Ukraine Media Project, 2011-2015

Tsetsura, K., Palyvoda, L., & Orlova, D. (2016). Performance evaluation of Ukraine Media Project, 2011-2015. Evaluation report, Social Impact for USAID

Media Map Project. Ukraine: Case study of donor support to independent media 1990-2010

Tsetsura, K. (2012). Media Map Project. Ukraine: Case study of donor support to independent media 1990-2010.  Commissioned research report prepared for the Internews Network, USA and the World Bank, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Bank

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