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Katerina Tsetsura

Original Teaching Materials

This page features examples of original teaching materials that are based on my research. Feel free to use them in your calssroom but please acknowledge the authorship.

Hide and Seek

Performing Thyself

Crave to add some performance to your teaching? Check out this article to see how expressing your identity can help students learn about diversity and appreciate differences.

Media Transparency Activity

This hands-on activity can help students and practitioners to learn about global media transparency.

Multidimensional Identities

This article explores a concept of multidimentional identities that can be used to better understand diversity in contemporary public relations practice.

Have Fun Teaching
PR Research

Whether we teach or take PR research classes, we all want to have fun doing it. Here is an award-winning GIFT (Great Idea for Teaching) PR Research using the famous book "Freakonomics"

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