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Presentation at the 2020 virtual Connect Universum conference

PRSA Speaker and Trainer:

Tsetsura has more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. She has worked in journalism, public relations and advertising in Russia and the USA. Tsetsura continues to provide strategic counseling to agencies, companies and organizations around the world in the areas of strategic planning and issue monitoring. Tsetsura is a chair of the PRSA Global Affairs Committee and is a member of editorial boards of several leading journals in the field, including Communication Theory and PR Journal.

2017 Public Relations Summit, Armenia

PR Summit Armenia is a platform for PR and communications professionals to explore best practices and trends of Public Relations worldwide. Held for already 4th time, PR Summit Armenia hosts leading international and local experts to share their experiences and expertise. This year we feature international guest speakers from the U.S.A., Germany, Lebanon and Russia.

The 1st Annual Conference of the Public Relations Society of China, the 9th International Forum on Public Relations & Advertising and The 3rd Strategic Communication and Public Relations Workshop, Hong Kong, 2016

The 1st Annual Conference of the Public Relations Society of China, the 9th International Forum on Public Relations & Advertising and The 3rd Strategic Communication and Public Relations Workshop will be jointly held at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong on December 2-6, 2016.

Corporate Communication Commons, 2012 Diederich College of Communication, Marquette University

Dr. Katerina Tsetsura's research interests include international and global strategic communication, global media and public relations ethics, social construction and gender issues in strategic communication, and public affairs and issues management in countries with transitional economies.

Hong Kong Arts Administration Association

In the perfect world, we would always love to have more marketing budget for publicizing productions, events as well as for company branding and PR. But in reality, in facing the economic downturn and reduce public funding, most arts organizations are marketing on a stringent budget. 

Keynote speaker at the 2013 PR Days in Altay.

In 2013, beginning advertisers and PR people will pass the "Young Fighter Course": they will master the skills of public speaking and writing press releases, learn how to make successful CVs, learn how to go through the path of a real communicator and become a professional.

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