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How much do you trust me?: the role of trust and innovation in Russian journalism.
Tsetsura, K., & Luoma-aho, V. (2009).

Building on a theory of generalized trust, this paper discusses how trust enables institutions to function in any society by facilitating action. Traditional thinking is that the generalized trust in society allows an innovation ecosystem to prosper in countries with high levels of trust. But in regions and countries where generalized trust does not exist, innovative solutions are needed for a society to function. Journalism as a key part of innovation ecosystems provides a sphere for different players to connect. The traditional journalistic business model fails and the functions and roles of journalism are under scrutiny in many regions worldwide. In countries where generalized trust does not exist or contributes little to the innovation ecosystem, not only does the ecosystem face special pressures but also the nature of journalism is challenged. Where trust is lacking, the ecosystem is easier distorted. Hence, for example, Russian journalism is much more vulnerable to deformation. However, these challenging settings can also breed innovation.

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